Mazz3015's website

A website created by me.

My main logo on the internet, made by MyselfLeo#4519.

About me:

Hello! Mazz3015 (or ma15fo43) there.

I'm a young and novice developer who loves creating things, playing around with, and render a nice thing when I understood how it worked.
I mainly program in JavaScript, but I started learning PHP, Java and C#.
This website is, for me...

Every day, I love using Visual Studio Code as my main editing code editor. Sometimes, I also use the Atom Editor.

I also like to play videogames with my friends or in solo, like Minecraft, League of Legends, Fortnite...
You can find me easily on these games (I have the same username ).

Recently, I started editing videos. That's a pretty cool activity. I'm using the Hitfilm Express editing software, and I recommend it!

So, I think that's all... Thank you for reading this page. If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact me on GitHub (Ma15fo43)